Thursday, June 12, 2008


My family has a website, and one of the sister-in-laws posted an idea about using a Jedi Master/Padawan idea to teach your kids to work. The idea is that you are the Laundry Master or the Dishes Master, and you take a young Padawan under your wing and teach him/her how to do the job. In the end, they are the master, and can teach others.

So last night I pulled Spencer in after dinner. Everybody had left their plates on the table, food was all over the floor, the chairs, the walls, and there was a small fire in one corner. So about normal.

I put my arm around Spencer and said, "Boy, I have some good news. Do you know what a Jedi Master and Padawan is?"

"Yeah," he said, "The master knows everything, and the padawan learns from the master, and then in the end, the padawan kills the master."

I thought about that for a minute and then said, "Yep, that is exactly right. Why don't you go play while I do the dishes."

I'm not taking any chances.


Michelle said...

Wow, your kid just might be too smart! Good Luck with that one!! It gave me a great laugh!

G. Parker said...

LOL But he's got the wrong side!! good one...