Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Apparently...I'm lactating.

Corporate America thinks I'm a female. And lactating. For some reason, I was suddenly bombarded with formula coupons, free samples, and pamphlets about the benefits of breast feeding.

I love living in the information age, because if I want to see the Lord of the Rings acted out in Peeps, by golly I'm get to see it. And I actually like seeing ads that I'm interested in. When friends send me messages about board games, I see ads for board games. It beats seeing ads for Depends. But when wires get crossed, crazy stuff like this starts to happen. Maybe I'll start ordering beer, CTR rings, denture cream, baby diapers, bras, and sports cups online, just to throw off the system.


Lester said...

I would think it would be great if you ordered a beer.

Carole Thayne said...

yeah i love to type weird things to see what ads pop up. I've even tried writing things like sexy to see how many lingerie ads appear. It's fun!

Titus Todd said...

Somehow I've made it to the AARP prospect list and it was timed shortly after having been mistaken for a High Priest. I'm still almost 20 years from AARP eligibility, my ties make it down to the beltline and I trim my nose hair. Sure, I have a little gray hair but not that much.