Saturday, September 24, 2005

Laughing Points

I couldn't help but post this. The Authors Guild, the folks suing Google, have written up talking points so that you can back them up if you happen to go to a dinner party this weekend (their words, not mine).

Listen to this little gem.

"Google is digitizing countless texts, your books, in their entirety -- every sentence, every carefully chosen word -- without your permission."

It sounds like you should tack on, "and taking lunch money from small children" onto that sentence.

Lessig weighs in on the matter with a nice article over on his blog.


soulglo said...

So... where's the full text? I tried finding it, because I, for one, would like to pirate books. But when I went to google's, or whatever it's called, I could only see a few pages, like Amazon. It wouldn't let me see any more than like 10 pages. So what's the big whoop, dog?

Matthew Buckley said...

Pirate is such a loaded word. I prefer information liberator.