Thursday, January 04, 2007

Charlie Brown - An Essay on Education

Last night I wrote an exceedingly long post, and have decided to divide it up into five parts. An introductory part (the part you're reading right now), and then an analysis of four students.

It's very rare that I ever pass out an assignment. In fact I've never done it before on this blog; but I'm doing it now. I want you to track down a song called, "The Book Report". It's from the Broadway musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie brown." You can buy the song for 99 cents on iTunes, or 12 cents over at allofmp3. Or, if you want to contribute to the RIAA 'help pay for our campaign to sue everybody including your dead grandma' legal fund, you can buy the CD on amazon.

If you just don't want to mess with it all, you can read the lyrics here, but you really should listen to the song, as it's a lot of fun.

Once you've tracked down the song, listen to it a few times. Over the next few days I'll be making some comments.

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Emily said...

This is actually one of my favorite songs from this not-very-well-known-but-should-be musical. Linus is my favorite character and his over-analytical ways are perfectly captured in this song. But the other characterizations are also fun as you can see the many different ways someone can approach an assignment. Btw, my brother Seth played Linus wonderfully a few years back in the BRHS production.