Sunday, January 14, 2007

I've cornered the market...

Go ahead and try it. Go to google and type in 'exploding coconuts'. You don't need to click search, just click on 'I'm feeling lucky' button. That's right, it will take you directly to my post on the subject almost two years ago.

That means either a) people see me and my blog as the definitive source in exploding coconuts, or more likely b) exploding coconuts are such a rare occurrence that my little backwater blog is one of the few spots that actually talks about it.

The reason I bring this subject up again is that as you can see from the comments, there has been another coconut exploding event. We had my original experience in April of 2005, somebody else had one in August of 06, and now we've had our first explosion of 2007. Anybody with a lick of math sense can plainly see that the occurrences are speeding up. At this rate, in a few years you won't be able to walk through your tropical paradise without feeling like you're under heavy mortar fire.

So, there you have it. If you're walking down the produce section, and two roads diverge, don't take the one less traveled by, take the one that goes past the relatively safe bananas, and not the potentially unstable coconuts.


Jeff Savage said...

Okay, guy, I read your blog on the mysterious detonating tropical fruit and that is just about the coolest thing I've ever heard. Now I have to go out and buy a dozen coconuts which I'll spread around my house. Great work!

Joe said...

It looks like you haven't had an exploding coconut incident for a while, but I had one the other day. I wrote about it on my blog if you care to take a look.

Thanks, and watch out!

Krazy Baila said...

I woke up this morning when a coconut exploded in the kitchen! Sounded like a champagne bottle pop.

OasisDreamer said...

Thank god! I was going crazy trying to find some explanation for this.

About half an hour ago, I was in the kitchen with my mom cooking a nice big dinner when all of a sudden we heard a bang from behind me. When I turned around, a coconut we had purchased a few days earlier was wobbling in the fruit plate it was in, with a huge chunk of it sitting next to it (it was whole before, obviously) and the milk inside coming out. I had never heard of a coconut exploding before, so I picked it up to see if somehow it had gone bad (which caused it to explode), but it tasted fine. I was afraid to drink the juice, which I realize now I should have tasted because it looked like it was fizzing. Has anyone else who this happened to notice a carbonated nature to their coconut?

The coconut tasted odd, so I'm leaving it in my fridge to see if maybe it'll taste normal once it cools off. It was pretty warm in my kitchen (we were cooking), and the door was open letting in a cold breeze, so I'm thinking maybe the explosion had something to do with temperature. Was the temperature high in your house when the coconut exploded? I've found online rumors that heat can cause coconuts to explode.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who's witnessed this! :)

I'm also glad it wasn't nearly as powerful an explosion as seemed to have occurred in your house, since I was standing pretty close to that coconut.

Anonymous said...

Wow this happened to me like about 6 yrs ago. I was watching tv by myself, all of a sudden I heard a fizzing carbonated noise, then pop! a coconut exploded and the juice started fizzing out.