Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Top Ten Signs I Might Be a Fanatic

In all my years, I’ve worked at many different jobs. From mowing lawns, to instructional design. But after becoming involved with the Open Content movement, I think I’ve found something to become fanatical over. So here, in no particularly order, are the top 10 signs I’ve become too passionate.

1 – In any given week, four out of seven days will find me wearing a T-shirt with the word ‘open’ on it.

2 – I categorize the world into two parts. Those that understand openess, and those that I haven’t had a chance to talk to yet.

3 – After hearing any problem (including the phrase, ‘my toilet is clogged’), I respond with, “You know what would fix that? More openness.”

4 – I enjoy liberating content.

5 – I don’t have time for a hobby, but if I did, I’d be remixing educational material.

6 – I curse the Sony Bono copyright term extension act, and last year at Disney land, I tried to beat up Micky Mouse.

7 – Because to me, open is not a four-letter word.

8 – Many of my heroes are 1970’s hackers. Or 1980's hackers. Or Hackers from the 90-07 years...

9 – The first action I will take after getting the copyright back from my first book will be to post that book on the internet.

10 – I decided that the last reason I’m a fanatic is ‘open’ to the community for further discussion.

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