Monday, May 16, 2005

Discussion Radio

I've been listening to 'talk radio' for about 15 years now. I listen to everything. Right wing, left wing, (anybody else notice the serious dearth of libertarian radio?), sports shows, gardening shows, travel shows... you name it, I listen to it. It beats hanging around the radio dial, hoping beyond hope the station manager plays something decent.

A while ago, after listening to the Doug Wright show on KSL I got the idea of having a discussion board attached to the show. You could listen at work, and then log on and talk about the topics at hand. Rather than just Doug, his host, and one caller at a time discussing things, you could have all sorts of people sharing their opinion. Instead of being talked at, there would be a true discussion.

Excitedly, I wrote to the 'comment' section of the Doug Wright show, and waited for a reply.

And waited, and waited.

I figured maybe it got lost in the shuffle. I wrote about something else, and heard right back. I tried again to suggest the discussion board idea. Nothing.

I tired a third time, but again never heard back.

I don't get why they would balk at this. Isn't talk radio all about discussion? Why not open it up to more voices than just Mr. Wright who often ignores many callers who bring up good points?

I do all my listening in the car. I never turn on a radio at work, or log on to listen to streaming audio. Talk radio is to pass the boredom of the car.

However, if I had a voice on the program, I'd listen in more. I suspect others would do the same.

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Maria said...

LOL! It's KSL man. Independent thought is highly discouraged, no matter what The Man says.