Friday, May 27, 2005

Jeeves and Wooster

P. G. Wodehouse is one of those great authors that would be more widely known if only there weren't all these pesky copyright laws around, and folks could get access to his books (though there are some of them online).

His Jeeves and Wooster books are great, and if you like Stephen Fry and Hugh Lauire, of Black Adder fame, they have brought the magic of the books to the small screen.

I was reading one of Wodehouse's books and came across this quote that just tickles me in all the right spots.

"He's like one of those weird chappies in India who dissolve themselves into thin air and nip through space in a sort of disembodied way and assemble the parts again just where they want them. I've got a cousin who's what they call a Theosophist, and he says he's often nearly worked the thing himself, but couldn't quite bring it off, probably owing to having fed in his boyhood on the flesh of animals slain in anger and pie."

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