Thursday, May 19, 2005

What to Get Uncle Charlie Who is in the Slammer.

Hey, we are a humane society. If Women get it, and teenagers get it, and golfers get it, then by golly, so should prisoners.

I want a Chicken Soup for the 6 foot (ok, 5'11''), instructional designer's, Ph. D. student's, white boy's, soul.

My favorite is if you scroll down you will see what other people who have purchased this book have bought (all part of the long tail).

Customers who viewed this book also viewed No, you saw correctly. That book really is by Michael Jackson. Hopefully not THE Michael Jackson.

And how cool of a name is Bo Lozoff?


Maria said...

I thought you were joking until I clicked on the link. That is so disturbing. Someone send this book to the boys in Pelican Bay. They have way too much time on their hands.

Kami said...

You are the one that will serve as our, instructional designers, savior! I have great faith that you will be writing the "chicken soup" book to fill our soul. Right now your blog will have to do. However, you should know that I always feel hopelessly inadequate when I see how prolific you are on your blog. I am sooo not worthy.

Matthew Buckley said...

Yes. But for evey blog posting I write, you crank out three well written, well thought-out grants.

Tis I who feels inadequate. :)