Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Mustache is Touching My Brain

Since I'm both going to school, and teaching, and writing a book, and working two different jobs, I don't have a lot of free time. I don't watch much TV. But a little over three years ago I caught the first episode of 24, the television show on Fox. I was hooked. Three episodes later, my wife came in to see what the fuss was about, and we haven't missed a show since.

But about a year ago a neighbor friend happened to mention that she only watched two shows on TV , 24 and a not-so-well-known show called Alias. My interest was piqued. About 6 months ago, my wife and I picked up season one. We have been plowing through them ever since, hoping that we can catch up with the episodes on TV.

Since I was making so many trips to the TV section of Hollywood video, I have since picked up a few other television shows. Monk is a fun little show, and I have also greatly enjoyed The Shield. And Firefly IS what the recent Star Trek shows are not. And then of course there are the wonderful Adult Swim shows on the cartoon network.

But I think all of my 'TV' watching has ruined my taste for movies. When I go to the rental store I don't want to pick up a movie that is going to take 2 hours to get through. I'd rather watch a 45-50 minute episode where everything is resolved in less time than it takes to cook my famous apple crisp.

I have been wanting to watch LOTR with my boys, but we just can't seem to find 9 hours of free time.

Maybe I'll rent Bill Nye instead.


Maria said...

I am, obviously, a huge Alias fan. I just watched all of Season 1 (again) on DVD. It's by far the best season, which is unusual for TV shows. Usually the first couple of seasons suck, then they get better. I wouldn't let myself get hooked on 24. I can't handle the suspense and if I let it, TV will control my life. I used to stay home on Friday nights on purpose to watch "The X-Files". I was in high school and rarely dated, because I was home crushing on Fox Mulder. Speaking of crushes, I also had a mental fling with Bill Nye. He's the geekiest scientist with a razor-sharp wit and I can't get enough of him!

Shelton Brett said...

"Curb your Enthusiasm" is the funniest show on TV, better than Seinfeld because it gets to the same kind of intertwining, in-your-face stories that Seinfeld used to but without the laugh track.

A show called "Bullsh*t" is the next best (on Showtime) that debunks all the crap that exists in the media, and hosted by Penn & Teller. Of course, you need cable to watch these, but they are available on DVD so I recommend both of them.

The Adult Swim cartoons are excellent, too. Just saw an episode of Harvey Birdman where he defended Grape Ape, accused of using steroids during the Laff-a-lympics. Classic.

Sylvana said...

You have very good taste in shows. I love Monk! And The Venture Brothers on Adult Swim is awesome. The Shield was the best cop show since Homicide.